About me

Photo of Boris on a boat.
Hi, I am Boris 👋

My goal is to have the freedom in life to experiment and play with ideas. I am working on creating a financial platform to support this for myself, and to bring others into the fold for this. The people who I want to work with are highly self motivated and don't require much management, because I am a bad manager.

A few of the things I am proudest of are:

  • Solo founded and bootstrapped a company to a successful exit
  • Built a mood tracking app that I still believe is unsurpassed in terms of UX
  • Worked behind the scenes in music as a photographer
  • Ate delicious food in gorgeous places all over the world

You can see my work history on LinkedIn and some of the random stuff I say on Twitter. Sometimes I angel invest in companies.

I like to read books, listen to podcasts, run, snowboard, scuba dive, travel, watch Formula 1, call my grandma, and more.