Note: As of April 2024, I am pausing investing in startups. Sorry. Feel free to message me if I can do something else to help.

I made my money on making and selling my last company. Investments are 100% are out of my own funds and there are no LPs for me to serve.


I invest in B2B SaaS companies that

  • Create tools to empower supply constrained professionals where the market expects the tool to replace the professional. The professionals in question should have a high variance in the quality of the work they deliver. This is critical to ensuring the tool allows low performers to compete, and to be a force multiplier to high performers. Classic example is Quickbooks.
  • Software should support a process that will continue to exist due to human nature and won't be upended by rapid tech shifts. For example, I no longer invest in AR/VR unless there is an underlying story of how the company will persist even if the AR/VR hype cycle were to die.

What I do care about:

  • Founders should be located in the US, and the primary customers should be US organizations
  • Founders can clearly articulate why they are right for the market they're working in
  • The rate of growth in the market

What I don't care about:

  • The stage of the investment. If you're raising a Series B and believe I can somehow be helpful, feel free to reach out.

Portfolio Companies

Companies are posted in alphabetical order. Some investments are direct, others are through a fund / spv.


Typical investments are done on a SAFE, with a total investment of less than $50k. I don't have a maximum cap or discount and evaluate this on a deal by deal basis.

Post Investment

If I invest in you, here is what you can expect:

  • Emotional support. I have been a founder, I know the rollercoaster.
  • I will try and help you find customers, employees, and investors, but overall I am skeptical of "vc value add". The best thing I can say is let me intro you to CEOs of past investments so they can speak for it themselves.
  • You can ask for one of the domains I have

What I will expect:

  • You act in an ethical manner
  • Monthly updates consistently delivered without my chasing them

Pitch me

Send me an email (include your deck) with some basic info. The email address is the word capital @ the domain of this website.